A Brief Story About Myself

I often get asked why I originally chose Web Development as a career path. There are quite honestly many answers to this and enough to seem like rambling in an interview. I'm really captivated by the many different roles, hats, tools, technologies, and approaches that can be taken. I have a vigorous creative side that enjoys Photoshop and other graphical work, User Interface/User Experience Design, layouts and front-end "Wow" factors such as CSS animations and transitions. At the same time, I have a logical side that has magnetized to back-end technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Python, and Microsoft's SQL Server. However, I think my most passionate reason for being drawn to Web Development is to help others. I was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota and it is fantastic when local and regional businesses thrive. I'd like to help them build their web presence if not already established.

In addition to my Web Development AAS at Minnesota State Community and Technical College, I am persuing both an Internet Programming Certificate and .NET Programming Certificate part time online at North Hennepin Community College. While I had taken Java and C++ as well as Database Design courses from Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical, these certifications will have me challenging and proving myself further using more Java, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Structures/Algorithms of Object Oriented Design.

Academic History:

Professional/Non-Academic Work:

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